Size of the forum page!

Hello Slava

May I know why the size of any forum page has been enlarged horizontally? Today, I was reading the new mails and I had to use/ move the bar at the bottom of the page left and right to be able to read the mail completely. Didn’t enjoy it much! Could you please set the size of the page as before?


Hi Tom

Were there any long links in your mail?
Something like that often creates the same effect in
forum threads… like this link probably will: … rtford.JPG


Initially, I also thought of it, Amy! :lol:

Look at this one for instance.

How can I make an adjective clause?


Amy, did you notice that? Are you facing the same thing/ problem? I am not enjoying reading the posts which spread horizontally!! See for example,

to didn’t versus to wouldn’t

Where is[size=150] Mr. Slava[/size]? :?: :smiley:


Hi Tom

That particular thread looks fine on my monitor. :shock:

I did edit one very long link today (in Tamara’s “hope” thread) and that brought that thread back to “normal” width on my monitor.

My laptop has a very small display area, so if I happen to log on using my laptop, I always have the sort of problem you’re describing… What size monitor do your have?


Dear Tom,

You can minimize (otherwise maximize) your browser’s window.

Source: … 23460.html


Some people have an old or a small monitor and cannot see everying well.

Best wishes for all.