Singular or Plural? (Parents are the one who have/has...)

Hi teachers,

Which verb should be used?

The one who has to take care his/her children is/are parents.

Parents are the one who [color=blue]have/has to take care their children.

Thanks in advance


Hi Juptiter

Is there some special reason for using the word one instead of ones in your sentences? Using “one” is totally illogical — especially in the second sentence!

Here are better (correct) ways to write your sentences:

The ones who have to take care of their children are parents.

Parents are the ones who have to take care of their children.


Hi Yankee,

Thanks for your response.
Actually, there is no any special reason at all, it’s just my poor understanding of using the word one and ones.

Can I say the following?

The one who has to breast-feed her children is mother.[b]

Mother is the one who hhas to breast-feed her children.

One is for singular noun and ones is for plural noun, right?


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Hi Jupiter

Exactly! Your new sentences use one perfectly!
One for singular and ones for plural. :smiley: