Singular or Plural (more any cake, no more cake)

Dear teachers
Please read:

a.Give him no more cake .
b.Don’t give him any more cake.

1.In these sentences, “cake” is in singular or plural?
2. we say " Give him no more cake" or “give him more no cake”?
We say “don’t give him any more cake” or “don’t give him more any cake”?


Cake is singular here.

“Give him no more cake” Ok

“Don’t give him any more cake” Ok


Why we say:

They have [color=red]no [color=green]children.


Give him [color=red]no more [color=green]cake.

What is the difference btw:
Give him [color=red]no more [color=green]cake.
Give him [color=red]no more [color=green]cakes.



You asked:

The first is:

Do not give me any more cake ( which is food like cheese, butter,milk and so on)

The second is:

Do not give him any more cakes ( which are indivdual cakes like bananas, sandwiches, snacks and so on)


Hi Quoc

When you use the word cake as a countable noun ([color=blue]2.), then you are talking about whole cakes. “I baked three cakes for the party.

The word cake can also be used as an uncountable noun ([color=blue]1.) and then it is used to talk about part of a cake: “a piece of cake”, “some cake”, etc.

So, your first sentence means “Don’t give him any additional pieces of cake.” Your second sentence means “Don’t give him any more entire cakes.”


Same is the case with EGG, Quoc, I suppose!

1- I had egg for dinner.(maybe many eggs beaten but served as one dish)

2- He had an egg for dinner.(Just one egg beaten: omelette or half fried)

Have I put the words correctly in your mouth, Amy? :roll:


Hi Tom

Good examples. :smiley:
To be honest, though, I’d probably be more likely to say something such as “I had egg souffle for dinner” (one dish). :wink: