singing and chanting

Hello please could you help me?

What it the different if I said X hummed ’ My hero’ and X sing it or whistled? And what is the differnt between singing and chanting?

Humming is singing the tune of a song without using the words, usually through the nose, with lips closed.

Whistling is making a musical or shrill sound by blowing through the lips.

Chanting is singing or speaking a repeated phrase to a regular beat, like demonstrating crowds or football fans often do.

Hi Miss Ahdinos

In addition to what Conchita has posted, here are some basic differences when these words refer to sounds that people make:

hum = To produce a tune without opening the lips or forming words

sing = To utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones

whistle = To produce a clear musical sound by forcing air through the teeth or through an aperture formed by pursing the lips.
This song begins with whistling:

chant = To sing or intone a short, simple series of syllables or words. The words are usually sung to the same note or a limited range of notes.
Here is a YouTube video of something called a “jazz chant”:

thank you very much finally I understand what are the diffirences between these words. Thanks a lot.