since then + present perfect?

Hi again,

Would you tlel me if this sentences correct or not? It sounds very strange for me.

Since then I’ve gone to this festival every year.


Hi Liza,

The sentence is fine as written. What sounds strange to you?

It does begin with the adverbial phrase ‘since then’, but that’s not incorrect. It may not be as common to do so, maybe that’s what’s bothering you?

To me, it could be “gone to” with “this” which is a bit odd. I’d expect to hear “been to this festival”. Mind, if the person if not at the festival at the moment of speaking and is referring to the festival exophorically, I see no problem with your sentence.

What would you say is the difference in meaning and context here?

Since then I’ve gone to that festival every year.
Since then I’ve been to that festival every year.

Hi Molly,
I think you’re right,
cause (gone to…) means that you went and you’re still there.
On the other side, (been to…) means that you went there and you came back.
So If somebody needs to talk about himself using the pronoun (I), the sentence should be like the second example (I’ve been to that Festival…etc.)

Let me know what you think.

To me, you could use either “this” or “that” depending on the proximity, both real and/or psychological, of the festival element that is present at the time of speaking. If, for example, you have a brochure or poster of the festival and it is sitting right in front of you, you might choose “this festival”, though not definitely. If on the other hand, the brochure is sitting on the wall away from you, you’d probably choose “that festival”.

As for gone vs been, yes, I’d say that “been” sounds correct there.

Hi Nola

That’s not true in the context of Liza’s sentence. “Go to” is frequently (and properly) used with a meaning similar to “attend” or “be present at”, and that is basically the meaning in Liza’s sentence.

  • I have gone to three meetings so far this week.
  • I go to church every Sunday.

In the absence of any further context which might possibly suggest that a different choice of word(s) might be more appropriate (e.g. “that” rather than “this”), there is nothing wrong with Liza’s sentence. Absolutely nothing!

Is it an AmEng thing to use “gone” in that way?

Can you say “How many times have you gone to that/this festival?” in AmEng?


Sounds OK to me. ‘Been’ may be more common.

Hm, interesting. We wouldn’t use that in Standard Nigerian English. I’ll have to post it in a new thread and see if the Brits find it normal. Thanks.

I’ll be looking forward to stumbling upon it.

I hope your comments are not stumbling. :wink:

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What does Stumbling mean = Beating.

By the way, what is the exact usage for look like - appear.
Eg: Look like very bright.
Eg: Appear very angry.
I mean, LOOK LIKE related to physical characteristics.
Appear - related to FEELINGS like - angry,sad.

Stumble upon = to discover or meet with accidentally or unexpectedly (usually fol. by on, upon, or across): They stumbled on a little village.

The fact is that I often run across Molly’s posts in other forums. (I also intended a punning reference to Stumbleupon, a personalized search engine currently in vogue.)

hi guys

with more context this phrase is okay.

eg 1: Lets say the person speaking is referring to the festival behind him then the Phrase stated is fine as a version.

Also you may here

eg 2 Since then I have gone to the festival every year.

I have heard this more often. The use to me of been is if you were there, so more like my first example.

“Gone” to me places emphasis on the commute, traveling to the festival. What do you think Mr M and Mols?

I think you need a typing course, Stew.

Mr Mister Micawber,
You look like/appear happy and nice guy on the planet.

He looks like a son of Seasick Steve:


Take a look at this, please.

So, is it true that even in AmEng you can not, if you are at the festival at the moment of speaking, say to another person who is at the festival “I’ve gone to this festival many times”?

How would an AmEng speaker differentiate the meaning/s here?

Since then I’ve gone to that festival every year.
Since then I’ve been to that festival every year.

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