Simon from Poland: My town is called Pszczyna


my name is Simon, I’m 23 and I’m from Poland. My town is called Pszczyna, it’s very hard to say, even for me :).
I have been learning English for about 8 months and I do my best to understand it and speak English fluently.
I think we will have a great time learning English here.

Best regards,

Hello Simon! Nice to meet you and very nice to have you here!! :smiley: Welcome!

Hi Simon. I’m amazed with the level of English you’ve achieved in just 8 months.

It’s encouraging to know that even you have difficulty pronouncing some Polish words. As for me, I tried my best when I went to Poland, and I can say proudly that I managed to pronounce correctly (that’s what I think at least) such complicated village-names as Szczawnica.

Actually, there was a village I visited which had a name that was very similar to yours, Pinizcna, or something like that. I was in Krynica, Stary Sacz, Nowy Sacz, Rytro, Muszina… I don’t know if I’m writing them correctly. Do you know any of this places? I can see in the map that your town is not very far from them.

Yes, you are right, I live nearby. I even was in Krinca last year and I sometimes go skiing to Szczawnica in the winter. There is a lot of spas there and you can rest there and see something interesting.
You should come into my town and see a beautiful castle and next to the castle a quite large park with lots of narrow lanes, benches, and small brides. There is a lot of people who come to my town to see all this, especially people from Germany, Austria because they have got their roots here. There is a small town near Pszczyna, actually a village that is called Goczalkowice. The town is a spa where lots of people come to take some rest and take some “wonderful” treatment.
Take a look at these pictures of my town: … na/k1a.jpg … ynek1a.jpg

Polish is one of the most difficult languages in all over the world, so don’t mind if you can’t pronounce something. There is lots of people who were born here, who live here many years and can’t speak Polish properly.
If you want to know more, private me, please.

Best regards,

Hi Simon, nice to have you here. I am Danial, aged 25, from China. I have enjoyed the pictures of your town and i think
it is a quite nice place to live in.
I am wondering if you could introduce me some famous festivals observed in your country?
For Chinese,the most important national festival - Spring
Festival is around the corner. It is a cheerful occasion, for on
that day and the following ones, people make and eat dumplings (one kind of chinese food) which serves as a symbol of happy reunion.

Hello simon
nice to meet you.I am niloofar from Iran ,I am new in this site ,hope all of us improve our english so soon;)