signals - a noun or verb

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Communications: Curiosity is equipped with significant telecommunication redundancy by several means – an X band transmitter and receiver that can communicate directly with Earth, and a UHF Electra-Lite software-defined radio for communicating with Mars orbiters.[20] Communication with orbiters is expected to be the main path for data return to Earth, since the orbiters have both more power and larger antennas than the lander allowing for faster transmission speeds.[20] Telecommunication includes a small deep space transponder on the descent stage and a solid-state power amplifier on the rover for X-Band. The rover also has two UHF radios,[20] [color=blue]which signals the Mars Odyssey satellite is capable of relaying back to Earth. An average of 14 minutes, 6 seconds will be required for signals to travel between Earth and Mars.[28] Curiosity can communicate with Earth directly at speeds up to 32 kbit/s, but the bulk of the data transfer should be relayed through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Odyssey orbiter. Data transfer speeds between Curiosity and each orbiter may reach 2 Mbit/s and 256 kbit/s, respectively, but each orbiter is only able to communicate with Curiosity for about eight minutes per day[b]

If “signals” is a verb can “whose” be used in place of “which”?

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“signals” is a noun, and “which” is wrong (or could be justified only in a strained and unlikely interpretation where “signals” = “radios”). It should be “whose signals”.

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