Shouldn't it be "an F/A-18 D Hornet" instead?

In a statement on its official Facebook page, the Air Force said a F/A-18 D Hornet and a Sukhoi Su-30 MKM were deployed to escort the Boeing 737-82Z (BBJ2) which was carrying Sultan Ibrahim to be sworn in at Istana Negara on Wednesday (Jan 31).

  1. Shouldn’t it be “an F/A-18 D Hornet” instead?

  2. Should there be a comma before “which”?


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It should be an.
A is used before a word beginning with F.
But F/A-18 is not a word. The letter F is pronounced eff which is a vowel sound.

In my opinion there should not be a comma before ‘which’. I also think it should be ‘that’ not ‘which’.

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