should parents give children money if they get good grades?

Education is the most essential experience during our lives. In this process, we need to take tests, and teachers and parents always evaluate children by their scores. So if a student gets a good grade, his or her parents will be pretty excited, offering what he or she has been longing or giving him or her money. Personally, I disagree that it is appropriate to give students money in order to praise them.
The purpose of study is to get knowledge, and tests are used to reflect how you are doing in the past period on study. However, if parents give children money to praise their high score, the children may be confused, thinking “Am I studying for money?”. Children are studying for themselves, preparing for their future in the studying process. Further more, children are not mature in mind. They can be persuaded to buy what they do not really need or even be harmful for them easily. Once they are persuaded to buy the drugs, their future may be destroyed.
On the contrary, encouraging children instead of giving money when they get good grades is more suitable. Children need encouragement, realizing how hopeful the way beyond is and be confident to carry on studying and face the difficulties. In addition, students can be provided what they need by their parents, which means they do not need to get the extra money from their parents. Telling parents what they want to get, children may have chance to evaluate if the product is worth buying with parents, during which process children get much benefits, knowing that thinking before buying.
To sum up, children should not receive money if they get good grades. What a children really needs is care and encouragement.

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