Should I call them? vs should I be calling them?

Dear respected teachers,

I was working when I heard one of my collegues who said on the phone that “should I be calling them?”

I did not know the context of the conversation but now remember it again, i do not understand what difference is between the two ways of saying as above?

Could you please set some light on that? Could someone advise what is situation to use “Should I be calling them”, please?



Hi KK,

If you ask: Should I call them? you mean- ought I to call them/Is it right for me to call them? What you are asking is whether at some time it is really your duty to call them.

When you ask: Should I be calling them? there is an urgency in your question because you want someone to tell you whether you ought to do so right now/as soon as possible.


Should I be calling them? = Am I expected to call them right now?

Oops, Alan! “Air miss”. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alan, all. It’s amazing and of course it’s so helpful.