Should gay marriage be made legal?

10 years ago this would have been unthinkable in Ireland, but now there is an open discussion about the ligitimacy of gay marriage. In most of Germany, some American states and countries like Sweden, gay couples are granted the same rights as heterosexuals.

What’s your take on this?

Depends on Country
I’m sure this will never happen in any Orthodox Christian Countries…

So what’s the solution? Expulsion, torture or deportation to a camp?

Do you think gay people are freaks of nature?

Gay people stole our good old word from us - gay !!!

I’m sorry but I fail to understand your comment. Which anonymous group is represented by us? What is lost? And how exactly did gay people commit this larcency?

By US I meant all the people who live in the US :slight_smile:

As for the part about committing the larceny, I’d like to refer you to Jamie’s post Learning Foreign Languages


If the argument revolves around the use of the term “marriage” – as many believe “marriage” is defined by the Bible – why not confer all the rights of marriage, but simply call it something else (civil union, for example)?


Your idea of conferring all the rights reminds me of an episode of South Park called “follow that egg”.
Here goes an excerpt from the screenplay:

sounds familiar, heh?

So I’d suggest that people should use butbuddiehood instead of marriage :smiley:


I don’t feel bad about gay marriages. In my own opinion, they should be given the same rights, particularly in marriages like the heterosexuals. I’m a buddhist. Even Dalai Lama approves that gays or lesbians should be accepted in society. It’s reality and people should look into it. That means, they should be given the same rights.

I have a question. I’d like to know “what makes people 'gay/lesbian”. Is it genetically or pyschologically or both? :?: :?:

OK, so you wanted to say “They stole the word from the US”, which doesn’t really make sense. Or was it a pun implying that you consider yourself American?

So where does that put you? It would be intriguing to get a whiff of your fundamental oscillation on the matter (regardless of your sexual orientation).

Absolutely! As far as I’m concerned, Christian ideology still has a much too deeply rooted impact on the concepts and conceptualisation we obey in our societies.

“Psychological influence” is a commonly accepted assumption, I’d say. People are thought to be influenced by experience in their childhood and teens.

Well ,to tell the truth I’m not looking for any solutions,and this is not a problem for me…
There will be no expulsions,torture or deportation,but I’d like to say- We are what We are…We’re not going to allow gay marriage,so they will never have right to marry each other in Georgia,if they don’t like that,they can go to Countries where it’s allowed and marry there…

How can you be so sure about what “you” will ever allow or not? Are you in such a powerful or knowledgable position to judge? Kings have found themselves beheaded as they deemed only their very individual sentiments valid.

This is the will of Georgian nation and if anybody, doesn’t care who ,dares to go against Our will,in Our own Country,will be deported from this place ,in the best case for him of course…

I’m not talking only about gay marriage now ,guests who visit Our Country must respect Our religion, traditions and Our people’s will
In the other case,they aren’t welcomed here…

How do you think gay people should be deported? Deportation usually implies being arrested first, then taken on a train trolly (like cattle) before being transported somwhere against one’s will. A bit like the Nazis treated the Jews.

And again, how can you be sure to represent “Our” will? In English the capital letter in “Our” implies a reference to God…

Aside from being straight, I don’t think your representation of the people of Georgia would ever lure me into your country.

Prejudice against a group is one thing, but to actually decide to deport a people requires a leader (or leaders) with either:

a) A touch of sociopathy – a person would not only have to be an a$$hole to be mean enough to actually make people leave their homes for no real reason (being gay is not a valid reason), but I think that goes beyond just being mean/cruel – that is sick, the sort of sickness Hitler/Pol Pot/Stalin displayed in the last century. Now it isn’t murder, sure, so maybe it’s small-time Hitler-like behavior… but it’s still nothing of which to be proud. If you think that you have a right to displace people, then you’ve got a touch of the “the world is my playground and everything in it” disorder – AKA sociopathy.


b) A very weak will (assuming the rest of the populace wanted the deportation to happen)

I’m afraid I’m probably gay. I found I would have some kind of eraction when watchin both gay or straight films…what’s wrong with me…

I’m not saying gay people should be deported…
I’m just saying if any foreighner told us “Georgians You should allow gay marriage” He would be deported -We do not need that,You can’t find 1 Georgian ,who wants gay marriage allowed in Georgia,probably only gays…

Ralf I’m trying not to be rude,but do you really think someone wants You to lure into this Country ?
Lol :smiley:

Could you please answer this question : What’s Your orientation :?: