Short text/does it sound good?


Could you please tell me if my English writing is correct in the following short text?

She didn’t say “not tonight”, but he knew that it was in the back of her mind. She always wanted everything. The mere pleasure of looking at her was just what he needed, because he had made her blissfully happy with just a word and she only needed sailing along, like a graceful ship, amidst the beautiful things of the world of which she was part.
As usual ( it had become such a habit he didn’t even bother) he could detect every single change of her mood, he could feel this kind of new element in which she was glidind as if she was making her way through water. He was amazed and astonished by her not caring a fig about this peaceful period of time, and not for an instant questioning the words he had uttered.But he didn’t hold it against her. His usual exasperation about her whims and her zest for life had mysteriously faded away. He had wanted her to be pacified, so she was.