Short story by ChatGTP

This story was written by a machine:

Once upon a time, there were two sisters born into a loving family. But fate had other plans for them, and they were separated moments after birth.
One sister, Amelia, was adopted by a wealthy family and grew up in luxury. She was given everything she could ever want, but she always felt an emptiness in her heart as she longed for her sister.
The other sister, Olivia, was adopted by a working-class family and struggled to make ends meet. Despite her difficulties, Olivia was a kind and determined person who never gave up trying to find her sister.
Years passed and both sisters grew into young women. They were unaware of each other’s existence. Amelia became a successful businesswoman, while Olivia became a dedicated nurse.
One day, while on a business trip, Amelia stumbled upon a hospital where she saw a nurse who looked eerily familiar. It was Olivia, her long-lost sister. Overwhelmed with emotion, the sisters embraced and cried tears of joy.
But their reunion was not without drama. It turned out that Amelia’s wealthy adoptive father had orchestrated the sisters’ separation because he didn’t want them to share in his fortune. He had even gone to great lengths to hide the truth, threatening to disinherit Amelia if she ever tried to find her sister.
But in the end, love and family prevailed over greed and deceit. Amelia renounced her father’s fortune, and she and Olivia built a new life together, grateful to have each other by their side.