Shed and Tears Related Question


I want to know that shed and tear both are verb so If I want to speak a sentence in Present tense, then will it be correct :-

  1. She sheds tears everyday.

In Past:- She shed tears yesterday. (here still we are using shed as a main verb rather than tears, is it correct?)

That’s correct Eager. :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering Beeesneees

Is it also correct:-

  1. Never gets emotional

That is a correct phrase, yes. To know whether it is being used correctly I’d need the rest of the sentence at least.

The complete sentence is :-

I decided never to share my confidential matters with anyone and in that regard, one day I said to myself :-

In that case you need to make a slight change - you need to change ‘gets’ into ‘get’ because you are giving advice to yourself (Think of ‘I get’).

OK, I got it!

hmm but I think If I give suggestion to someone then I can say :-

Am I correct?

Does it sound natural to you if I speak this :-
2. Charles, as far as I remember I never did anything on purpose to hurt you.

No, if you are advising someone else, you still have to use ‘get’ not ‘gets’:
I / you / we / they get
he / she / it gets

He never gets emotional…
She never gets emotional…
It never gets emotional…
Everything else should use get.

Charles, as far as I remember I never did anything on purpose to hurt you.
It wouldn’t be my preferred way of putting this idea across but it is correct.
I’d say something like:
Charles, I don’t recall/remember purposely doing anything to hurt you.

Now I got it, the sentence which I asked you :-

I think in other words we can speak the same sentence in this way :-

We’re saying to someone and using YOU that’s why we shouldn’t use gets. As far as he/she/it is concerned I was aware of that we use gets with them but I was under this impression that the sentence was neutral sentence (saying it to third party singular) so we can use gets (but now everything is cleared as you told me).

I’m learning English and doing hard work like anything and I was aware of that grammatically this sentence was correct :-

But my purpose is to speak and learn English the way native speakers speak/learn that’s why I asked you “Does it sound natural to you?”

And thanks so much for telling me the way you speak. I wish to learn in your way :-

Thanks a lot for making me correct. I wanna ask something if you don’t mind, as through out the day I try my best to speak English all the time and whenever I face any problem with English, I write it down and try to ask someone later.

Do you feel good to answer my questions when I ask? Sometimes I scare to ask you again.

If you need questions answered so that you can improve, then keep asking!
Even if it’s about the same point several times, we are here to try to make things clearer for you.
We may not always have the answers, but all the moderators will do their best to help.

Beeesneees, Thanks for your understanding, so nice of you :slight_smile:

Just need 1 more clarification, If I wish to ask few more sentences then should I keep asking under this thread or should I start new thread every time. Is there any forum rule?

For example I want to ask :-

Many times I get compliment like below from others for my hard work :-

and in response, most of the times I reply below statement :-

Kindly suggest me few other ways to represent myself in a better way, always I use the same sentence.

Unless your new question is related to the previous one, it is always best to start a new thread. It is far more likely to be noticed by one of the moderators that way.

Thank you for your kind words.
It is a pleasure doing business with you too.
I am pleased to have been of service.
You are most welcome.

Thanks Beeesneees for answering, I got it and I’ll take care of it and start new thread for new questions, once this is done.

  1. Whatever you write while answering I try my best to learn from those sentences as well, for example :-

This time a doubt related to Unless was cleared to me by looking at your sentence. I used to write :-

But now I’ve come to know that it’s wrong the correct way is :-

  1. Is it a right way to say:-

rather than saying :- Thank you
officially does it work?

This is also incorrect because of the comma, which should not be used after ‘unless’.

‘Thank you’ is more appropriate formally.
Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you so much for this great help :slight_smile:

You are most welcome. ;D