She says ... VS. She said ...

  1. “I just met Mary. She looked sad. She said she got a broken heart.”

  2. “I just met Mary. She looked sad. She says she’s got a broken heart.”

Are the two sentences both correct? If so, what’s the difference?


I think no 2 is wrong. You met and talked with her in the past. So, she said something to you in the past time.

Shouldn’t we say “I have just met Mary…”?

I appreciate your help, but if you are not a native English speaker, please don’t try and help others.

OK. Sorry.
May I ask you then?
Is it grammatical right to use Past Simple instead of Present Perfect. I’d like to ask in private, but I can’t send PM until I posted 5 messages.

So far I can’t sent you PM until I posted 4 messages.

So How long have you been learning English?
You know, this autumn I will be learning English for 4 years, but things doesn’t get well.
I can solve most every grammar test, listen and understand what other people say, but my speaking and writing aren’t as good as my other skills.

Learning English well is not easy. We have all the kind teachers here to help us, just keep it up!