she can walk and is fine

X: can she walk? is she fine?
Y: she can walk and is fine.

i’m confused with the answer since it only has one subject but come with different part of speech (or so i thought. can and is are part of speech?) need some help here.

The same subject is mentioned teice. Once to accompany the verb ‘can+walk’, the other to accompany the verb ‘is and fine’. In your question, the two verbs are separated into two simple sentences. In your answer, a connecting word ‘and’ has been used to join the two simple sentences into one more complex sentence and the verbs are close enough together that the subject is only mentioned once, but applies to both. It is ‘assumed’ in the second part.

You forgot to use capital letters to begin your sentences and for the pronoun ‘I’.
I think you mean ‘verb’ when you say ‘parts of speech’, as ‘parts of speech’ relates to all the different word forms.

These are all correct:
Can she walk? Is she fine?
Can she walk and is she fine?
She can walk. She is fine.
She can walk and she is fine.
She can walk and is fine.

Ah… I see. Thank you so much. Have been confused about this for about a couple weeks ago, but just got the answer now. I do thank you.