'shape of my heart'


…He may play the jack of diamonds
He may lay the queen of spades

But that’s not the shape of my heart
© a well-famous song

One of my dictionaries (an English-Rusiian translation system) gives as an equivalent for the expression shape of my heart also a Russian widely-used fixed expression (even two). That’s clear to understand.

The British National Corpus (BNC):


How does the shape of smb’s heart sounds for you if used in everyday (not too lyric :)) life?
Normally or too ‘artsy’?

I probably wouldn’t understand it. If I did, it would take some imagination.

Hi Tamara,

Like the bnc I’m afraid I can’t come up with any solutions. I could hazard a guess with a suggestion: that’s the way I feel/that’s how my feelings are??


Hi Jamie

Just in case (as you can understand it), Russian equivalents are:

мне это (не) по душе (widely used expression)
мило (моему) сердцу (that’s more poetic)

Sting used it exactly in the meaning.

Could you, please, explain it to Alan? :slight_smile:

Hi Alan

Thanks, that’s enough.
I have received the answer and so cancel any futher questions. :slight_smile:

Not exactly ‘the way’… but, Alan, I am afraid, I can’t explain clearly…

When something is NOT “the shape of your heart”, you feel very uncomfortable.
It is “against your soul”…

The defective (non-universal, Windows-only, Internet Explorer-only) software over there still won’t let me post in Cyrillic, so I’ll have to transcribe.

I can’t find a translation of this that makes any sense. My Oxford Russian dictionary has it meaning “to one’s liking”, which doesn’t sound right in your context.

This sounds like “dear to my heart”.

The question seems to be even more vague…

Following the link, Wikipedia (!) gave me for 'Shape of My Heart, I’ve found another (more popular?? :shock: ) song (by Backstreet Boys’s :slight_smile: … Oh, mamma mia…)

… very sweet…

Let’s just stop with it…