Serial Numbers for our posts (permalink)?

Hi Torsten and other Administrators of this web project!

Thank you very much for all the service-oriented contributions you are giving off to the members of this forum. Many of us are benefiting in a number of ways from this web project.

Regarding the posts of the members if we have the serial numbers enabled for each member, it will help to refer them easily in a later day. There are some web forums providing this preference. Please consider this possibility.

Thanks and regards,

Dear Sahid,

Do you mean a permalink?

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Hi Slava…I am much delighted to have your immediate attention and suitable response to my post within 50 minutes…Thank you very much…!

But what I really suggested is the serial numbers for our posts. For example I have so far posted 175 posts. All of these posts to get numbered from beginning as #000001, #000012,…and so on…up to my last post #000175. This will help us to trace or refer our earlier posts if needed…Is this possible for the posts of each and every member…?

Hope I made it clear to you.

Hi Sahid,

You can see all your posts here: … or=Sahid59[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Did you seriously go from initial suggestion to final implementation in only 50 minutes!?

Impressive! :smiley:

[size=75]-- David Beroff
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Dear David,
It was relative simple. But for another kind of work I need more time.
Many thanks.