Serial / movie

I have two questions:

a. Can ‘movie’ be used instead of ‘serial’?
For example suppose that there is a serial named “Teenager”. It’s on TV everyday.
In this context can I use “movie”? For example what time is [color=red]the movie Teenager?

b. Would you please tell me which ones are correct?

  1. What time is the Teenager movie?
  2. What time is the movie Teenager?
  3. What time is the Teenager serial?
  4. What time is the serial Teenager?
    (Suppose that the name of the movie or serial is Teenager)

Thank you

a. No. A movie is a single film. A serial is a series of programmes.

‘Every day’, not ‘everyday’.
Every day (a two word expression) means daily/each day.
Everyday (a one word expression) actually just means ordinary or commonplace.

b. None of them are natural.
What time does ‘Teenager’ start?

Understood. Many thanks.