Sequence of tenses | what tense to choose

Hi there,

As English is my second language, sometimes I face problems trying to compose a sentence. Hope you’ll help me out with the ones below:

  1. But I wouldn’t really want next issue to be solved for 14 days as this one (was / was being solved / other variant?)
    The last issue here (currently resolved) took 14 days for technicians to be fixed, and I request the team to be a bit faster in their work next time.

  2. This user has had(?) these Security Groups selected since the day his account was (?)created.
    I doubt about that perfect “has had” construction here. I wanted to emphasize the connection with the present (The user had those Security Groups selected back then. And he has them selected now).

Please share your thoughts.
Thank you in advance.

  1. But I wouldn’t really want it to take 14 days to resolve the next issue, in the way that it did with this one.
    (If this is a genuine situation, you may wish to be a little more assertive:
    But I do not expect a resolution to an issue to take 14 days, as this one has.)

  2. The sentence is fine. :slight_smile: