September 11 - Your Opinions

Today is September 11 and it just occurred to me that here on our forum there are people of different religions, beliefs and cultural backgrounds exchanging their thoughts and ideas in a constructive way.
You can go back as far as you want in the history of mankind and you will find that every violent conflict, every war is based on the same principle: If we are not capable to achieve our goals by means of mental power, persuasion, education and information we use violence and destroy life. Whenever people lack self-discipline, creativity and responsibility they turn to violence as their last resort.

But it also requires self-discipline to talk about such issues like War on Terrorism and the general question of what is good and bad because in most cases your opinions are based on emotions rather than on facts. So, by learning English and applying your communication skills to express your thoughts and ask other people to tell you what they think you get closer to this thing we might call «truth». Whenever you talk about such events like the Beslan siege or the latest bombings — make sure you have sufficient facts to base your opinion upon. Keep in mind that it is always much easier to condemn and criticize than to make a constructive proposal for an alternative.

Remember the saying: «We always have to hear both sides of the story» and according to Napoleon Hill there are always three sides to any story: There is your side, there is the other party’s side and then there is the «true side».

It is very important that you have an opinion on what is going on in the world: Open your eyes and ears, talk to other people, ask how they feel and what they think — examine the history of your country, try to separate facts from fiction. Be careful if someone says they are «right» and you are wrong. After all, there is only one planet Earth and no matter who you are you are part of this community called «mankind» so try to be as good a human being as possible.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Do you prefer chicken or beef?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Thanks alot for writing this topic . you give us the way to talk about our opinions . most of us knew that this event is very bad . It is unpersonality to do this . I hate 2nd of augest 1990 and 11th of septemper 2001 . because no one can deny that the results of these bad events were very very bad they killed many innocent person and do the worst thig in thir lives . Iam muslim but I hate those people . they are without heart and sensitivity they don’t care for other people . they don’t know what really Islam mean . I hope that this bad event will not lead for bad effect about Islam and muslims because we love all people and who help us in Iraqi invation .

Hi bent_ilq8,

You wrote that the people not know what the Islam means. Can you explain me what the Islam for you mean and what it means generally. Where you make difference?
How you see the Christian religion or other religion and the “west world”?
One reason for the assassination was with my words the other world view and the intolerance about the “west world”. How you see it?
Do you find we have a wrong view from Islam? During the assassination now more and it is nearly impossible to show not all people are in this way? Do you think that you now must more fight versus prejudice?
I am interesting on your meaning. I am pleasured when you answer me.

I couldn’t understand correctly what you said.
But I will Wirte My opinion about 9.11
The accident,so sad terror, had not to be raised in U.S
We have been suffered from the terrorism because of the accident even now.
I always try to love all human being who live in around the world.
Although thier thought and idea are different from another.
We have to accept various idea except killing innocent people. Such as war which has no reasons.
I desiring the world that hasn’t sad come to us as soon as possible .

Hi members!!!
Its a good topic for being discussed for our country has faced the same problem-terrorism! Its really very dangerous & frightful to walk down the street, to go somehwere by metro & even to stay indoors! Thats really terrible & I just cant say anything about it… Something must be done…but what???

hi milka, how are you ?
sorry for being late , you asked me some questions and I will try to answer all of them .
Can you explain me what the Islam for you mean ?
Islam is every thing for me . It gives me all what I need for happy life not only fot the present life also for the life after death so I can enter the heaven .
what it means generally?
Islam in Arabic means the peace and it aims to spread the peace . It contains a large group of rules and bases and It has limits (borders) by this rules the people and the society will be without crimes and people will live with peace of mind because every one know what he/she should do .
(they know thir duties and rhir rights )
I will answer all your questions later because I didn’t understand all your some of your questions clearly.

Hello! Q8 fan!!
I have a question about Islam and you.
My religion is Jesus. You may understand What I say.
In my opinion,Not only Korean people but also most American people rely on Juses Christ.
I think there are defferences between Islam and Believing Jesus Christ,However,and Strange moods between them.
How does your Islam think Jesus-Christ?
That’s why I posted.
I am just considering.
Thank you~

Hi bent_ilq8,
thanks I am well. And you? No problem that you answer just now. What you understand not so good so I will try to express my question in another way.
You write the Islam gives you all for be happy. What is it? I have no religion so for me it is difficult to understand how you can orient oneself by religion, not important which religion but I want understand it.
Be without crimes and live in peace is a good thing but I find it is impossible to realize because the society is not right for this.
I am not so good in history things but lot of wars are religion war. And all religion wants peace and quiet life and no crime. I found it is a contradiction.
What do you think about this?
I look forward of the other answers.

hi Sam…i think i can answer your question about what muslims think of Jesus…
well, some Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God ( correct me if i am wrong)…but muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet and that God asked him to go to his people and teach them morality…they believe that he is the son of Virgin Merry who was pregnant of him by a meracle…and that he is not the son of God…
muslims beleive in Jesus as one of many messengers and prophets of God…

First of all I want to say sorry for being late because I was busy with university .
Hello Sam ,
brainy is right( some Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God ( correct me if i am wrong)…but muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet and that God asked him to go to his people and teach them morality…they believe that he is the son of Virgin Merry who was pregnant of him by a meracle…and that he is not the son of God… )

Hi milka ,
Iam well also . thanks for asking too.
You write the Islam gives you all for be happy. What is it?
I can’t tell you what Islam gave me exactly for a habby life because there are many things I will tell you some of them
Islam gives me the peace and the freedom because in the past before Islam they killed girls ( bury alive )
and also women can’t choose any thing for her for example they obliged her for marriage without asking her and took all her possessions like her money .
I think that orient means the east but I didn’t under stand the meaning of all the sentence.
and I will try to exolane more for you next time because I am very busy with my first year at university .
I knew that I gave yoy only the summarization but I’ll try to tell you as much as I can .

Hi bent_ilq8
Not a problem for being late. The university stand every time on the first point.
With orient oneself I mean not the east I mean or it means that yes what it means. To example the religion or any body tell you must do this and live in this way and you do it without scrutinize. I hope I have it explain it correct.
I am not sure if I understand it correct you mean that now women and girls are free, without fear that one people comes and kill they or do any bad thing but what you mean with before and they? Who killed the people? You mean the Taliban?
I write you in the next days the meaning of the sentence again. But I think as and pm. Good luck in the uni.