sentences OK?

  1. Star Mohan is being talked about as the next PM.
  2. What is being talked about is that Star Mohan will be the next PM.
    Are these two sentences OK?

Is “Star Mohan” this person’s full name, or are you talking about someone called “Mohan” who is a showbiz star?

That issue aside, #1 is OK. #2, is grammatically feasible and not actually wrong, but doesn’t feel the most elegant sentence ever written.

“Mohan” is a showbiz star.
Please rephrase #2 sentence to be the most elegant.

“star Mohan” is possibly acceptable in a newspaper headline, but in normal text you should say “The film star … is being talked about” (or whatever kind of star he/she is), where … is a full name or title + name.

“star” should not be capitalised (unless at the start of a sentence, obviously).

“What is being talked about is that the film star Mohan will be the next PM.”
Please rephrase this sentence to make it more elegant.

The discussion is about whether Mohan, the film star, will be the next PM.