Sentence: Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous

I have the following sentence:

Now I am tired because I (travel ) all the afternoon.

My teacher insists that we can get good marks by using either of the ways of fufilling the sentences as follows:

Now I am tired because I have travelled all the afternoon.

Now I am tired because I have been travelling all the afternoon.

I am so confused if my teacher is correct. Just give me some advice and explanation please.



Hi Anna,

The difference between ‘have travelled’ and ‘have been travelling’ in your sentences is that the simple form (have travelled) is stating a simple fact and the continuous form (have been travelling) adds the idea that the travelling has gone on and on and that further explains why you are tired.

I would also say ‘all afternoon’.


So, can both be acceptable, Alan?

Yes, they can, Anna.

Thanks Alan.

thanks to u