Sentence: Our factory will be closed on 31th Dec 09 and resume work on 04th...

My name is Rainy.

Could you please correct the below sentence for me? i have to send an e-mail to Europe and i want to send the e-mail with exact grammar : Our factory will be closed on 31th Dec 09 and resume work on 04th Jan 2010 for New Year Holiday’’

Thank you

From the 31st December 2009 until the 3rd January 2010 inclusive, our factory will be closed for our New Year Holiday. On the 4th January 2010 we will resume business as usual. We would like to wish all our customers and colleagues peace and happiness in the New Year.

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Happy New Year Rainy.

Hello! I am Cambodian. I am learning English.
I want to improve my listening so much.
What should I do?

Dear Mr. Rob,

Thank you very much!

I’m an administrator of business planning department, i’m the PIC of Europe market, so i have to use english well, but… :slight_smile:
Therefore, i hope that joining this forum will help me a lot.

Ah, I want to send a special greeting wish to my customers, could you please kindly advise me?

Thank you 'n have a nice day!

P/S: If the above e-mail get some wrongs, kindly correct, i will learn how to use exactly grammar.

@Chhoemkhoun: We learn together :wink:

Hi there
I have a confusion between these two sentences:

The school will be remain closed from 20 january to 25 january and will be resumed on 26 january.

The school will remain closed from 20 january to 25 january and will resume on 26 january.

Which one is correct? When to use “will be” and when to use “will” in this type of sentence?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


If you use “be” or “remain”, you need an adjective or a participle immediately after it: will remain closed, will be resumed. If you use “will”, you need an infinitive immediately after “will”: will close, will remain, will be, will remain closed, will be closed. If you don’t know what those words mean, get a beginner’s book on English grammar and start studying… good luck!

“school will(infinitive->)be(participle->)closed” is correct sentence but,

“school will(infinitive->)be(again infinitive->)remain closed” is not correct sentence as double infinitives are used here or infinite is not allowed just after “be”, right?

That is right. The reason that “will be remain closed” is wrong is that there can be no infinitive after “be”. Double infinitives are allowed, but only if each infinitive follows a verb that allows an infinitive, such as: I want to go (inf) tell (inf) my mother.

Thanks cerberus for your nice and easy lesson.