Sentence needs checking

Hello! I have got a sentence that really needs checking, for I have strong doubts as to the part in bold.
“Having discussed all the questions and arranged the next meeting everyone left/went on their business” (To put you in the picture, my intention was to say that everyone left to do the things they had to do that day). I hope you’ll excuse my awkward wording:)
Thanks in advance!

Please, Who could help me? It`s a simple question. Sometimes I say, for example, ¨a gift for you and sometimes I say a gift to you¨. What is the correct expression?.

A gift to you as gift is the equivalent noun of give.

…everyone left to do what they hadn’t finished…

I am Besarta and i come from Kosova,i do not know if you really heard about this country but i let you know that we are the youngest europeans.This is my first message and i guess will not be the last because i am having very fan with your lessons,they are very appropriate for us non-native speakers of english.I also want to thank you for helping us to make progress in English,it is a very good chance us.
I’m looking forward to have your new lessons soon.

ps.Please can you give me examples of reduplicatives,blending,clipping and acronymy and from other word-formation processes

Bye bye

Sorry but who were you thanking to? Acronyms are also formed from the initials but pronounced as a word. For example, TOEFL, IELTS, CELTA, TEFL, TESOL…