Sentence: I will have him finished this work.


Is this correct to say:
I have him finished this work.
– Does this refer to past? ----

What does this mean:
I will have him finish this work.
– Does this refer to future? ----


Hello Suresh,

Before answering your question, I just want you to know that I’m not a native speaker so I may not be able to give you a concrete explanation but I’ll give it my best shot.

With regard to your questions, I believe the first sentence (I have him finished this work) is incorrect. You should have put it this way: “I had him finish this work”. “Have somebody do something” means "to convince or ask someone to do something. The verb that comes after the object is an infinitive so it should be in its base form.

The second sentence is correct and it means that you will persuade him to finish the work.

I hope this helps.

Note: I’m open to corrections. Hearing somebody pointing out my mistakes doesn’t tick me off. :slight_smile:
thanks guys!!!

No corrections needed, Nie. :wink:

Thanks Nie for your reply.

Many thanks to Beeesnees for the verification.