Sentence: Dogs are man's best friend - Am I right?

“Dogs are man’s best friend.”

This sentence sounds strange to me.
I think if the subject is “dogs”,
friend should be read “friends”.

Am I right?

Hi Phoo

Good point, but the problem is that “man’s best friend” is a phrase which is fixed in cement, so it would sound quite odd to alter it even slightly. :shock:

If you’re after grammatical correctness, it would be much “safer” to make the subject singular.


Hi Amy,

I am not a grammar-supremacist,
I want to learn “natural” English spoken by majority of people in English speaking country.
I understand that you said that it is a “phrase” and it is OK and natural to say.


Hi Phoo, if possible please try to use the English articles correctly. This is something you can learn by developing a feeling for ‘what sounds good and what doesn’t.’ For example, your sentence sounds much better like this:

I want to learn “natural” English as it is spoken by the majority of people in English speaking countries.

For starters you might want to read this story by Alan:
How to use the English articles?

Let me know what you think.

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Hello Torsten,

Thank you for your nice correction about my sentence!
You are absolutely right!!

I usually speak and write English without paying much attention
unless it is to be graded or rated.
I should pay more attention anytime.