Sentence: Do you have a budget for this solution...


I usually have to promote some products to customers, and I am used to asking them the budget for each different product. Any better way in native to express this sentence except this one ‘do you have a budget for this solution’ , thanks.

I think I need a few more details before I can come up with something. Do you provide a solution to a problem? Do you sell a tangible proudct or something like a software package?

Well, I sell a tangible product and it’s a ‘CHIP’, which may be used in your PC or mobile phone and other consumer electronic products. My customer is a design house. When they’d like to develop a product like a mobile phone, first of all, they will decide the cost of this product.
For this product, there maybe 1 or 2 main chip on it. If the cost of this product is 10 dollars, and need 2 main chips, then the cost of the 2
main chips must be controlled between 5 and 7 dollars. Therefore, when I promote these 2 main chips to this design house, I’m used to asking
how much will they pay for the 2 main chips. For the 2 main chips like any product which are with high-end and low-end. If mine are 15 dollars
and they tell me their budget for the 2 main chips is just up to 7 dollars. Then I will suggest them to use others.
Hope you can understand and tell me how to ask my customer in native english, thanks.