Sentence correction

(1) We are all excited about his arrival.
(2) We are all excited about his arriving.
(3) We are all excited about him arriving.

Which one is incorrect?


2 is the one to avoid.

To me, ‘We are all excited about his arriving first (earlier than others)’ could be acceptable.

Yes, you are right, but Foreigner asked which one is incorrect, which led me to believe that he has to find one incorrect answer.
I chose my words carefully in saying that it was ‘the one to avoid’ (assuming he HAS to choose one), rather than ‘the one that is incorrect’. It would be correct if, as you say, there is a little more substance and more information provided.

I didn’t mean anything except what I wrote, and what you said was not questioned. Usually I give an alternative, and check whether it becomes acceptable. Anyhow, I must thank you as you appear to be understanding me better.

Thank you, Beeesneees and Anglophile! :slight_smile: