Sentence construction

Could you please tell me if these sentences are grammatically correct or if they can be better?

  1. Are your grandparents still there? (I mean still alive, but I don’t want to use the word alive, in order to be polite)
  2. I am more of a veg lover.
  3. I am sure you are a non-veg lover.
  4. What are your close friends like.
  5. who was naughtier in the childhood you or your brother?
  1. Use ‘alive’. It’s not ambiguous and is not impolite.

  2. OK, conversationally.

  3. What on earth does that mean?

  4. OK

  5. Who was naughtier as a child? You or your brother?

Who was naughtier as a child; you or your brother?
Is this recast, punctuated single sentence all right?

  1. I am sure you are a non-veg lover.
    I mean one who is fond of eating Meat and not Veg food.