Sentence completion?

I have never supported the idea of school uniforms and _______________.

[color=blue]a) my friends haven’t too
[color=green]b) my friends haven’t, neither
[color=indigo]c) so have my friends
[color=darkred]d)neither have my friends

Which would be the correct answer???

What’s your guess?


Actually, it should be (d).

© would be for a positive sentence, like “I have always supported the idea of school uniforms, and so have my friends.”

Oh, I see, thanks Dozy! :slight_smile:

Hi Dozzy/Ivak,

I keep fingers crossed here for a while,

On TOEFL, they call it, affirmative or negative sentence. They have some other
exercises called -tag questions. My view is, nowhere I saw these problems solution
better than I saw it on TOEFL suggestion books, like Cliff’s.