Selling Standardized Tests (new thread since my old one got locked)


I locked your posts because you asked me to delete them. I could not do that as other people had made posts in them, so I did the next best thing.

An additional note:

“Hodgeheg” doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about. He doesn’t understand what “QAS” means; he cannot find the March 2005 QAS, even though it is available for free download from the College Board’s website; he doesn’t realize that January 2005 was the older version of the SAT; he doesn’t realize there is no May 2005 QAS; and so on.

Buyer beware.

Mod’s note.
This post has been edited to remove the suggestion to use illegal sources.

Hodgeheg, I have removed the post in which you replied to Zwest.

You may disagree with his views, and have the right to state your own case, but please maintain some civility whilst doing so.
Using offensive language toward other members will not be tolerated.


Please see the mod’s note appended to your message above. Further recommendations to use illegal methods will result in the removal of your posts.

I suppose I’m confused, then, about why Hodgeheg’s posts are still in place.

Is it not illegal to sell copyrighted materials? Is that not what Hodgeheg is doing? In other words, why is permissible to use this forum to hock pirated materials for personal profit, but impermissible to refer people to services where they can obtain the same pirated materials for free?

Why the special exception for Hodgeheg’s “illegal methods”?

Strange indeed.

I don’t know that Hodgeheg’s materials have been obtained illegally.

I DO know that your suggested method is.

Simple as that.

Wow, I guess I must really be confused, because I don’t at all understand the part about whether his materials have been “obtained illegally.” I can legally obtain a copy of some Hollywood blockbuster on DVD, but that doesn’t give me the right to sell electronic copies to others for personal profit. That right resides with the copyright holder (i.e., the person who has the right to copy). This is precisely the problem with what you call my “method”: people distributing copyrighted materials without permission of the copyright owner.

So what are you saying, Beeesneees? You are not sure whether Hodgeheg is the copyright holder of SAT materials, even though every page of every test has a clear copyright notice from the College Board? Or you’re not sure whether the College Board has waived its copyright just for Hodgeheg and granted him exclusive permission to sell its material for Amazon gift cards? Really? How likely is that?

This seems like a nice arrangement Hodgeheg has worked out with Is he also allowed to sell pirated movie downloads? Music downloads? Software downloads? TV shows? And no on is allowed to warn his potential customers that others are giving away this same pirated material for free? I hope he’s paying you well for this exclusivity deal, the protection against competition, etc.

I suggest you read all the comments I’ve placed after 'Hodgeheg’s" posts before you begin some sort of a tirade against me. He certainly has no “arrangement” with

I have never seen a SAT paper - SATs are really not an area in which I have any expertise at all.

I moderate posts on the group based on what I know, I am not the copyright police. Based on what you know you seem to assume that I get financial remuneration for my work here. That is not the case. I don’t get a penny for anything I do on this group - that is not the reason I am here.

If you would like to see all offers or trading stopped, then please take it up with the forum administrators, not me.

Good! And as it is now obvious from your message that YOU knew it was illegal, I’ll help you along the way.