Selling Dr Collins PCAT 2011 (Latest version) with all 2011 updates!-$110.00

Guide is in immaculate condition with nothing missing including all miscellaneous papers from original purchase. No writing/markings/highlighting ect. Comes with 6 sections covering the real PCAT which includes each original separate topic envelopes, plus an update evelope. The updates are from Janurary, July, and September 2011 updates. I accept paypal as payment. Will ship USPS Priority flat rate shipping in which transit only takes up to 3 days max to get to destination. Tracking is already included and delivery confirmation number will be given after package has been shipped. Will try to ship same day or next day. This is all covered for a flat rate price of $110.00. The guide details:

Biology Section: 9 practice tests, and review
Essay Section: Essay letter, pcat format directions
Reading Section: A tip paper, and 6 practice test
Verbal Section: 2 analogy/vocab list, and 8 practice test
Chemistry Section: An extensive review, 11 practice test
Quantitative Section: Review, 7 practice test
Extra evelope: 3 2011 updates (miscelaneous papers)

All questions and practice test questions have solutions for every problem in each section(s). This is the newest edition out right now guaranteed. I was recommended this guide to study for the PCAT and now I have no use for it anymore as I have finished the entire guide. Email at if you are serious in buying (I will also include extras if you remember to ask before buying).

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Hey, i try to sent you the emails and posted my phone number yet no reply… my email is and my ph # is 9547562349…i am willing to buy the package from you … I dnt know how the process work so plz explain tht to me as well

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