Self presentation: My name is Maria. I'm from Colombia. My mother tongue...

Hello, every body!

last time I did my short presentation. I’m going to do it again.
My name is María.I’m from Colombia. My mother tongue is Spanish. I like to improve the use of Engllish language specially in aural skills because I have to present an exam. I’m working in a school. My school is large, beautiful and very important in the city. I like to help my students in spite their interests are not to learn that we want to teach them.They are teenagers.I have many friends too.they like to spend their time with me because I like to pull their legs and they laugh much. My family is a big support to me. I have a son.His name is Dairo.He is studying at the university. His dream is to travel around the world. I would like that it becomes in a reality.My favorite pastime is to read. Also, I like to dance. I think you are very happy doing this course like me. How is your progress? mine is very slow, but in short time, I suppose it will be better.