Self Explanatory or Intuitive

There is one Link - UserDetails.
My intention is to say that - by looking at the link, the user can understand that it is related to user details.

While giving Demo to other team members, can I say:
This link is self-explanatory
This link is intuitive

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“Self explanatory” is the better option.

Self explanatory means that there is enough information given to make it clear without logical reasoning.

If it’s intuitive, some information is also provided, but it requires more logical thought.

On top of that, “self explanatory” is a common way of saying what you described. On the other hand, if you are learning new software or a video game, the information provided might not be enough to understand it right away, but it’s easy to figure out. So we commonly hear that software or games are intuitive.


Thanks a lot for your time and elaborate reply - Appreciate it!

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