Season's Greetings!

I sincerely wish you all – Alan, Alicia, Antonella, Azz, Bazza, Bev, Canadian, Deathangel, Duet, Ebe, Eugene, Fathima, Foreigner, Francis, Goldhat, Harsh, Hezar, James, Justin, Kanta, Klpno, Ksguo, Luschen, Navi, Noren, Parri, Polish, Poppycock, Reading, Ricky, Rida, Saneta, Screen, Sentenc, St, Swan, Sweet, Thanhtran, Torsten, Trololo, Tuyet, Untaught, Vinoth, William eta – a merry Christmas and a more enlightening new year! See you all in 2016! Bye!

I wish the greetings of Xmas to you and all the tutors and readers of this forum.

I couldn’t respond to this; missed it somehow, sorry.
Thanks, Fathima. Have a nice year of 2016!
(Thank you very much for being the lone member to reciprocate my greetings although I have had mutual personal contact, through private messages, at least once, with most of them, including Bev, whose names were mentioned.)