Search vs. search for


Do you think there is any difference between for example:

  1. Search and search for.
  2. Seek and seek for.


Thank you!

  1. There is a difference.

I am searching the website.
I am searching for the website. - Different meaning altogether.
I am searching for a solution.
*I am searching a solution.

  1. There is no difference.

Thank you!!

Dear Mordant!Could you explain this difference in the first case cause actually I didn’t catch it!

Hello Tonya,

By ‘the first case’ do you mean the difference between ‘search’ and ‘search for’?

‘Search’ without immediate use of ‘for’ is used if you are searching within or on something
I am searching (in) my cupboards.
I am searching the internet.
In these cases ‘for’ might be used later in the sentence if you were to extend it:
I am searching (in) my cupboards for my new shirt.
I am searching the internet for more information.

‘Search’ immediately followed by ‘for’ is used when the sentence immediately goes on to explain what it is you are trying to find.
I am searching for my new shirt.
I am searching for more information.

Hello Beeesneees,
Thank you!now I’ve got it!We should use “for” if we want to say what exactly we are searching for!Is it considered as a big mistake?and as for (in) in brackets, may we skip it?We can say both:
I’m searching in the internet as I’m searching the internet?!

We use ‘search + in’ for things you can physically look inside. For example, a cupboard, a drawer, a box, a room.
You could say the following:
I am searching in the cupboard.
I am searching the cupboard. (the inside part would be assumed)
I am searching through the cupboard. (that is, looking through the contents, not going from one side to the other.)

You would not say searching in the internet, because it does not have an inside.