Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers.

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Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Today’s education is the top concern for parents and schools. They believe that the interaction between students and teachers is important for the education system. In order to improve this bond between teachers and students, some schools ask students to evaluate their teachers. I totally support this idea because evaluation improves teachers’ performance, it helps school administrations to choose best professors for their institutions, and students get the benefits from this evaluation system.

To begin with, getting feedback from the students improves teacher’s performance. Most of the time, teachers work hard to teach their students, but they do not know if their ways of teaching are comfortable for students or not. If teachers get an assessment about their methods of teaching, they will try to improve them. For example, when I was in a school, my science teacher always used to teach us the topics by different ways. He also asked us whether we were comfortable with his methods or not. If we had any problem with the teaching method, we informed him about it, and he changed it to make it more comfortable for us. This way he became the best teacher for the students. Thus students’ evaluation gives teachers motivation to improve their performance.

In addition, students’ evaluation system helps school administrations choosing the professors for their institutions. Administrators always want the best teachers for the students, but most of the time they select them from their credentials. If administrators have students’ feedback, it makes it easy for them to sort out the professors for their institutions. For example, costumers’ reviews for the products give ideas to the producers to improve their products. Similarly students’ assessment for their teachers helps administrators picking up the best teachers for schools. Thus evaluation system helps schools to select well qualified teachers.

Last but not least, evaluating process helps students the most. When students feel that their opinions matter to the school, they will pay more attention in the class to make their decision about the teacher’s teaching process. Moreover, when they do not like teacher’s method, they can ask teachers to change it. For example, when I was in college, our math professors used to speak very fast and we could not understand him. One day, one of the students asked him to speak slowly, thus we could take notes during his class as he started speaking slowly. Thus evaluation gives an opportunity to the students to give their opinion.

To sum it up, I definitely believe that schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers because it gives an incentive to the teachers to improve their performance, helps administrators to select the best teachers for the school, and makes students more confident and responsible about their decision.
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Hi Jatkin, I thought your essay was excellent. Just a few minor errors and a few sentences that could have been written more clearly. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

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