school magazine

Hello everybody,
I want to make a wall school magazine for my school
Do you have any idea about articles which we can put in it?

Why don’t you ask the pupils at your school what sort of thing they would like to see/read about?

They don’t have the desire to make or share . I want first to show them one to motivate them

I can’t think of a better way to stimulate them than to ask them what they would wish to see in it.

Thank you Beeesneees

Hello Torsten,

Unfortunately I know my suggestion turn a deaf ear to the school magazine. I can propose a theme what everybody would be interested in it. This would be how you give the points in the progress report. I am unable to find out. For example I did 10 listening tests and 10 English Slang Idioms /100 questions/today and I got 3 points.

Wouldn’t be it far easier for us and for you also if everybody knew how many points we owe for a listening,a written etc test.

Kati Svaby