School is still necessary?

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Topic: In the modern world, schools are becoming unnecessary for children, as they can study at home with the help of computer. Do you agree or disagree?

Critical and fundamental to the development of any country around the world is their education system. That is the reason why today numerous researches are conducted in educational facilities to substantiate whether or not schools are still essential for student as a result of a sudden rise of computer and the Internet. A statement is made that schools always have the positive impact on students’ studying style.

The first reason why schools remain necessary in the modern world is that it enables student to achieve a better academic performance. Studying at school bring students many opportunities to access such useful materials prepared carefully by teachers’ experiences and intellect as their slideshows, videos, and images. It is supposed to guide student on the proper road to success by dint of its concise and clear content. More remarkably, feeling peer pressure from their classmates motivates students to try their best to participate in a class discussion, to make further understanding, and to get higher grades. Therefore, it is easier for students to attend college than to study on their own.

The second reason for my disapproval of the statement is that an educational institution can be seen as a minimized society. It holds numerous similar characteristics to a small society, namely rules and hierarchy. Owing to the fact that little do student know about the real life experiences, schools are beyond a good environment for them to learn basic and precious lessons as to how much cruel the real world is. For instance, students not only have a good a expertise when doing a project with a team, but also they have to identify how to get along with other aggressive members in such an appropriate way. Thus, schools help student build their own social skills.

In conclusion, in spite of the predominant use of computer in studying, it has shown no sign of pushing schools out of its established status because it gives students good career preparation in term of knowledge and soft skills.
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