SAT II U.S. History

Hi, guys! Is anybody here taking U.S. History??? :shock: I’m gonna take it in october but can’t find necessary ebooks. Can anybody help me, please :cry: I know i have enough time till october, but i need to pass TOEFL, then SAT II math, then U.S. history and in the end SAT I. Yeahhh, :roll: I have a lot of work to do, and I will have nearly three weeks for preparation to history, so I really need your advice and useful suggestions. Thanks :smiley:

Hi Tapelova,

US history is no secret - you could try wikipedia :wink:

I don’t know how much American history you already know, Tapelova, but the College Board site provides some preparation tips: … tml?histus

And it also provides sample test questions: … tml?histus

Have you tried googling “SAT II U.S. History ebook”? … tnG=Search

Thank you, but I’d looked through all the resources you have listed and I want more exact info about the exam. Anyway, thanks. Ralf and Yankee did you pass this exam?