“The liberally educated person is one who is able to resist the easy and preferred answers, not because he is obstinate but because he knows others worthy of consideration”.
Assignment: What is one important “easy and preferred answer” that we should resist? That is, what dangerous misconception do people commonly hold?

One dangerous misconception is that almost the majority always evaluate people via their outside shape. A good appearance before crowd attract others but the majority’s ideas about someone should consider not only outside appearance but also inside characteristic. The illustration about Susan Boyle - a Scotland singer has participated “Britain’s got talent” and become special phenomenon in 2009, and Nick Vujicic, an disable Autralian without climbers prove that appearance do not confirm all of thing about a person.

Susan was just a normal women but she showed that her aptitude in singing is wonderful. When she stood before a number of audiences with fat appearance and bad hair, and was self-confidence to told that she wanted to be professional singer but anyone can not believe her by laughing and whistling from audience and doubting from judges. However, her “I Dreamed a dream” song started, everyone was very surprised and admitted her talent via many big clapped hand. Susan Boyle’s talent did not perform by her appearance. She was very successful, not because her beauty, just because her talent.

This misconception also begins from disable person, who can not take care of yourself as many people’s opinion. They are tantalized by deliberated actions because they lack of their abilities to do something like others. However, Nick Vujicic is a perfect phenomenon about overcoming adversity and become a hero for people around the world. Although he has no climbers, he struggle himself to go to school with normal friends instead of school for disable children. By parent’s loves and encourages, he faces the reality and try to his best for study and get university’s degree, he also become famous speakers has visted many countries to light the fire and hope for young people. Clearly, without climbers, he can do more better thing than other, he also has a good family and jobs through his efforts for future life.

It is easy to see the appearance of people but we can not evaluate how they are and what they do like majority’s thinking. We always get some mistakes from a person in the first watching so we must consider accurately for a long time what they have achieved and performed.