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  1. Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I am one of the visiting musems people when I travel to somewhere, too. In my perspective, because there are a lot of things that I have never seen, a new place fascinates me that museums are excellent and a strange place makes me come to museums.

To begin with, I will go to local museums whenever I travel to somewhere, although I do not go to museums usually in my hometown. When I travel, I always upset and am looking forwatd to seeing new things. Then, I have looked a guidebook about the local and I have found the museum. On other word, imformation of local museums is in the local guidebook absolutely. Then, I will go to museums that I do not go usually to find something new.

In addition, I am fascinated that museums are wonderful by some media, a guidebook, a rumor, TV, and so on. For example, I went to N.Y. in this March and I stayed there in 10 days. During travel, I went and saw more than 5 museums, I have never been to museums in Japan, though. I thought that museums may seem old and unclean. However, museums that I visited were very clean, white and wonderful. There was a big difference between my image of museums and a real museum. It fascinated me. Besides, not only the outside but also contents were pretty nice. I liked every artistic things in the museum.

Moreover, a new place get me to want to challenge a new things. Even if, for example, while I am traveling, I do some tasks as if I am in home, it is meanless and it is not intereting. Then, I want to undergo various things that I cannot experience in Japan. That experience often become going museums.

In conclusion, these are the reason why we visit museums while we are travering.

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