Sample essay

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Businesses should do anything they can to make a profit. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

There is a debate that businesses should do anything they can to make a profit. In my perspective, I agree with this. It is because that employees will not earn enough to live, if they hesitate to do anthing to make a benefit. In addition, I think that businesses are consisted some battles between various rivals.

To begin with, business men should do anything to improve their company and profits. Even if, for example, there is a trouble that a man is revolved, he should consider nothing but to make a profit. It is because, unless they do not provide a profit, they will not be alive. By other words, they will lose their job and decrease their income pretty much. Businesses always have to try obtainning more profits.

Moreover, business has no rest that business try solving any troubles, because business is a battle against other company. To win this game is that business men will do anything even making enemy have in a trouble. If they lose that battle, any tremendous efforts will not have a meaning. When they are defeated against other company, they have no job and no money, so they can do anything even a harmful action.

In conclusion, businesses should do anything to make a profit.

Word Count: 212

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Hi, your writing was not too bad in this one. You have a few grammatical errors and a few sentences that are very confusing to me. Overall, I did not think your essay was very convincing. “Anything they can” sounds pretty strong, so you need some strong evidence to back up your viewpoints. Can’t businesses make enough profit to stay in business without resorting to drastic tactics. Maybe if you included some relevant and specific examples of companies that were forced to do this it would be more convincing. Overall, I would rate this a 2.5 out of 5.

business has no rest that business try solving any troubles,{this phrase is very confusing to me} because business is a battle against other compan[ies]. means that businessmen are always busy, I think. So, business is not enough free to solve any problems that are not related to a conmpany and profit. In other word, businessmen are so busy that they cannot help and solve a man having trouble.

How should I say in English?

Thanks a lot.

Maybe “Businesses are constantly struggling to survive and prosper in the market environment. This battle takes up all their energy and resources, so they cannot afford to get sidetracked by employee problems that do not affect the bottom line.”

I have used some advanced English idioms, so let me know if something does not make sense.

I have a lot of questions.
1, What’s the difference “prosper” “succeed”? “prosper” is more formal word?
2, “struggle” means like “engage” or “do effort”?
3, What does it mean “employee problems that do not affect the bottom line”, especially “the bottom line”?
4, What’s the “the market environment”?

Oh, great!
So, do all of American know that “the bottom line” means inportant?

Yes, it is a very common expression, maybe a little overused, but it is often replaced these days by the even more overused “takeaway”, as in “so what is our takeaway from the meeting with the customer” - what is the main thing we learned, what can we “take away” from the meeting.

By the way, I didn’t want to imply that “the bottom line” is a synonym for “important” - it only works in some contexts. You can’t say “The president is very bottom line.” It is usually used for meetings, decisions, memorandums -it really means “important information” For example: “We have talked about this issue for 2 hours. Have we come to any conclusions? What is the bottom line?”

Ah. I see.
THanks a lot.