Salesperson vs Salespersons

Is it “Salesperson or Salespersons” I am talking about more than one.

Is it correct to write the words together?

Thank you


Hi Jen

You can use ‘salesperson’ to talk about one, and ‘salespeople’ to talk about more than one salesperson.

Hi Amy,
What about ‘salespersons’? I wonder about it because I think I’ve seen the plural form ‘persons’ used…

Many thanks,

Hi Nessie

‘Salespersons’ is not incorrect, but it is not the word that is usually used.
It’s similar to ‘persons’. That is not the word that is most often used to talk about more than one ‘person’.


Why don’t you just say “salesman”/“salesmen” ?
It is simpler and more common I think.

(There’re so many jokes about salesmen, how people shun them :slight_smile: )

That’s only simpler if you’re talking about a man or men, Alex. :wink: The word salesman isn’t gender neutral at all. To me, it refers only to a man – and I expect most men would agree.

Saleswoman and saleswomen are also possible.