salam alykum from Mexico

Hi everybody¡

It is me César from Mexico, I am an English teacher and I am very glad to join to this forum, it contains very useful resources. I am in here to try to help you as much as I can, it is good for me cus while I help others I recall the things I was taught at university, by the way I am not American I dont come from a country where English is spoken, I learn English by studying hard and enjoying it at the same time, well you can ask me at any time I will try to do my best.

yours César

hi,Cesar~ glad to know you here~:)

wa alaikum al salam brother. nice to meet you here.

walakum salam…glade to meet you i am from Pakistan

what is Cesar mean and what is your native language.

Hello Dear Cesar,

How are you? Nice to meet you!
As you told us that you are English teacher and we can ask questions from you, so my question from you is about grammar. What is the difference between Conditional type 2 and type 3?
Naz(be informed)

hi howare you , i am here