Ruthless and relentless

Hello dear friends! Is the same?
He was relentless. He was rathless
Thank you


I think you mean ‘RUTHLESS’ and it means almost the same as relentless.


Hi! I think “ruthless” means getting what you want even if it would mean hurting other people while “relentless” is trying to get what you want in every possible way. Well, I may be wrong so please tell me if I am. Thanks.

Hi chocolatee

I agree with you about “ruthless”.

The word “relentless” could refer to something hard or severe that seems to be neverending, such as a “relentless storm”.

I would also use these adjectives this way:
a ruthless person
a relentless thing


Amy’s right. If you look in a dictionary, you’ll find that ruthless means without pity or compassion, whereas relentless means “oppressively constant” or incessant.

You understood the words correctly, Chocolatee.


I agree my answer in 2004! was not complete. Ruthless is more to do with personal qualities and relentless more to with personal/impersonal actions. Both of them suggest pursuing goals or aims without regard to others’ feelings or what is going on around… I am reminded of an awful pun (a play on words) and I hope you’ll forgive me for using it. It concerns a young man who was a motorcyclist and he was always drove in a relentless fashion without regard for other drivers. He always had his girlfriend on the pillion seat behind. One day she fell off but he continued in his relentless manner and this time he was also ruthless because of course his girlfriend was called Ruth.



No apologies necessary, Alan. That was a good one!
Thanks for the laugh. :lol:


Hi! Thank you all for your responses. I really appreciate and value them. Thanks also for the story. A good laugh is always welcome. :slight_smile: