Russians are the better spammers!

I had never thought of that-- it is certainly a possibility.

Yes Mister Micawber, it might be a possibility. Or it might simply be yet another spam message from a Russian speaking web user who calls himself Alexandr. The Internet is full of those people who think they must use (or rather abuse) this medium to promote their ideas of market economy. I think they have a long way to go though. Just some basic rules of human interaction might be in place here. What about putting Alexandr’s email address online so his spam colleagues can send him spam messages too?

Is there a way of converting that into Cyrillic, Kievstar?-- all I can see are rococo vowels.

This is what our friend has to say:

Вы наверняка уже задумывались о привлечении на свой сайт целевых посетителей…
(для тех, кто не знает: целевые посетители - это именно те посетители, которые максимально заинтересованы
в услугах/товарах/информации, предлагаемых Вашим сайтом).

Возможно ли добиться, чтобы из 100 посетителей каждый - 20 делали заказ? Безусловно!
Для этого Вам необходимы прочные высокии позиции в поисковых системах по соответствующим запросам.
Мы можем Вам это обеспечить:

  • резкий приток посетителей;
  • продвижение в поисковых системах по нужным поисковым запросам без ограничений по срокам;
  • к Вам будут приходить именно те, кто Вам нужен и кому нужен Ваш сайт;
  • индивидуальный подход;
  • кратчайшие сроки.

Ввиду наличия недоброжелателей адрес своего сайта приводить не будем.
Обращайтесь по ICQ 178730725 (Александр).

Всего доброго.

He’s talking about driving targeted traffic to websites thereby completely missing the point. Spammers have no idea of what targeted traffic really means. They completely ignore the fact that no one is interested in their mental garbage.

Thanks, Kievstar-- at least you satisfied my curiosity, and that of other monolinguals here.

Yes Mister Micawber and Alexandr gave me a good opportunity to give him a real tongue lashing :wink: I wonder if he understands some basic English? If so he could benefit from this forum…

Why is this thread called ‘Russians are the better spammers’? Are you suggesting that Russians or Russian speaking people are spammers per se? I have read in an article that the vast majority of all spam messages originate from servers that are based in the US. You could argue that the operators of those servers are Russian speaking but do you have any proof for your allegation?

Hello everybody!

Make sure that the e-mail specified is valid! :slight_smile: My experience shows that spammers often use non-existent mailboxes (almost every spam message that falls into my mailbox cannto be delivered back to the sender :slight_smile: ).
In addition, I don’t think that that “Alexandr” exists :shock: Well, I have added his UIN into my contact list, but + SATELLITE + (it’s his (its?) nick) does not seem to be active at all, so he (it) might just be a spam bot which exploits some holes in ICQ subscription mechanism. There are many such spambots: 50090190 (Rumfa, promotion), 199253544 (7rA), etc.
By the way, in Ukraine spam is officially considered to be a penal action, so the spammer can be arrested. The only trouble is to prove that the spammer is a spammer :slight_smile: . I heard (but I am not sure) that for spam an offender can be jugged for 10 years in the USA. And what about such laws in your country?

Hi Sidle Jinks, I moved to Canada last year so I pretty much consider two countries mine :wink: I think it’s not so much a question of whether or not spamming is penal action because as you said yourself it’s very difficult to nail down those people and identify them as spammers. Anyway, how do you personally cope with spam? Do you use a spam filter?

Hi everybody!

As for me, I use GMail service and, in my opinion, its spam filters work well! And as for spammers, if I can identify the real host/box the spam came from, I reciprocate :slight_smile: Or retaliate :slight_smile: