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Hello! Can someone tell me the definition in english of “примчится”? It is “fast” Russian as I am told. The context in the sentence is:

короче, я щас твоему мэну распишу все прелести бани)))))и я тебя уверяю, дорогая моя, он сам к тебе примчится - и тогда то мы вас и поженим. можно даже прям там))))

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He will come running.

Another variant I guess: He’ll come tearing along.
There are not the best Russian expressions by the way, are there?

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Can someone give me a sense of what this person is trying to say in these sentences? Something along the lines of “Don’t worry. He will marry you.”?

The sense of the monologue depends on the circumstances.
If they are in a bath-house or in a sauna, the sense is:
She (maybe he) is saying to her female friend she’s going to explain her friend’s male friend what is a beautiful place a bath-house. And she believes that he’ll come running to her friend when he knows that. Then she’s (actually there’s said “мы (we) вас и поженим”, so the number of people in the plot must be more than two) going to marry them even there in the bath-house if her friend wants.
I hope that’s clear.

Thank you very much!! Your English is excellent! Russian is very difficult, ufff!! But I try.

Do you think that this monologue has the tone of a joke? As in, they are making fun of the male?

Yea! It’s a kind of having fun I think as a bath-house isn’t the best place for arranging a marriage ceremony. And that’s confirmed by using Russian slang words and expressions also.

No, not at all. But I’m trying hard to reach the level.

Now here’s a tough one. I can’t understand if this person is saying that James has been told everything or the writer is hiding something further:

Я конечно своему Джеймсу все рассказала, че скрывать то. Ну вот так то и все. Не знаю что делать короче.

Hi, Cowjam!
Я конечно своему Джеймсу все рассказала, че скрывать то. Ну вот так то и все. Не знаю что делать короче.~=
I’ve detailed James of course. There’s no need to conceal anything. Well that’s all. I don’t know what to do now.

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And this…

ничего может сам успокоится…че за привычка придумал и разгребывай реги…

What is “разгребывай”?

Hi, Cowjam!
разгребывай = разгребай~=to work out (solve) a problem but I don’t know what is it “реги” (maybe registrations (регистрации)). Actually second part of the sentence doesn’t have any sense to me without wider context. And what is a sourse? A book? A film? There’s Russian slang almost everywhere, do you know?

Hi, Cowjam!
If you want to sense real Russian language poetry instead of slang and if you like melodical hard rock especially I’d like to recomend you this song: Of course there are a lot of other different examples exist but I remembered this one today. I hope you’ll like it and I can give you Russian text of course if you want.

Yes, I begin to understand that Russian “slang” is very inelegant!

Now what about this???

“замуж не вышла? а то все уже кроме меня почти вышли…((”

Have you already gotten married? I’m asking because everyone else seems to have gotten married except for me.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Giving directions to the airport[YSaerTTEW443543]

I would say "Has not married yet? as everybody have married apart from me

Can someone tell me what the graffiti says in English?


Hi Cowjam,

This graffiti is translated as “My dear! You are the best”. But there is a terrible mistake in the last word. It should have been written “лучший”. The girl, who wrote this word, was completely ignorant of the rules of Russian grammar.

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And this statement is a little unclear:

“я по моему всем уже поплакалась.”

Does it mean that this person has cried enough?