Russian girl wants help on American slang expressions

Hi, everybody! My name’s Julia, I’m from Russia. I’m writing my degree work on American youth slang. I’ll be very grateful if u could share some new slangisms with me (with their meaning). Thank you!

Hi Julia,

Welcome to and many thanks for your question. On our site, you will find hundreds of American slang expressions with their meanings. To see the first batch, please click here.

Let me know what you think.

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Do you those a specifically American, and are they new expressions?

One newish term is the use of “mad” to mean “very” or “extremely”. However, according to my nephew, that word is already starting to become rather “old”, and kids aren’t using it that way as much as they used to.

Kids also have newish words for describing various types of classmates:
emo, goth, emo-goth, poseur, punk, prep

You can find all of those listed in the Urban Dictionary:

Torsten, thanx for the link! I found some new slang expressions!

Some of the expressions are relatively old, though. Do you use some new slang words in your speech? :wink:

thankx!!!could you clear the meaning of the word “prep” and “poseur”? thanx for the link, I found that dictionary two days ago. I like it, it gives lots of interesting slangisms, such as “beermat” for unsuccessfully run CD :smiley:

Hi Julie
I’m American, but my days as an “American youth” are ancient history, I’m afraid. :lol:
However, I do find that I often need to know a few “basics” – especially if I have a conversation with a teenager about “their” world. The thing is, I usually notice more “youth slang” being used if I happen to overhear a conversation between teenagers than if I have a conversation with a teenager.

You should also keep in mind that by the time the use of a “new” slang word becomes widespread, the word usually isn’t very new anymore.

You’ll need to be a bit careful with the Urban Dictionary. Not all of it is necessarily slang used in the US, not all of it is “youth slang”, and some entries may well be slang words used only in an extremely limited geographical area.

Well, to be honest, I think “prep” is simply the latest form of “preppy” (a word I was using when I was young).
Before I try to describe those two words to you, though, I’ll try to pry some additional info out of my nephew (which sometimes isn’t easy). :lol:

A poseur (or poser) is somebody who’s pretending to be something they’re not, or somebody who’s seen as fake and/or trying too hard to be something.

Usage derives from the term ‘posing as’.

Julie, what about ‘phat’? Not sure how popular it is now, but a few years ago it was all the rage. It’s pronounced the same as ‘fat’, but means something that is cool, neat, admirable, or otherwise held in high esteem.

So, it’s actually a good thing for somebody to call you ‘phat’.

Rumor has it that it’s an acronym for 'Pretty Hot And Tempting", but that may not be true.

You`re right, moreover, some of the 4-letter words are not appropriate for presenting my degree-work in front of all those professors and deans! :smiley:

Skrej, thanx for “phat”, I didnt know about this word...some people can easily get offended though if they dont know the meaning :slight_smile: